Skypark Сочи

About the park

Skypark Sochi is the first and only high-altitude adventure park in Russia. Skypark is located in a unique natural location — Akhshtyrsky Gorge.

Here you can stroll along the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in Russia, which is one of the top 13 most impressive bridges in the world according to CNN, fly on the highest swings in the world, jump from the highest bungy platform in Russia, ride a super-fast trolley and see the world from a bird’s eye, flying on Zipline. Skypark — a unique experience park!

Nature and species
The Caucasian mountain range, the Akhshtyr Gorge, the Mzymta River, the Black Sea, Trout farming and Ship Rocks — from the beauty of panoramic views in Skypark, are literally breathtaking.

The park is located in the Akhshtyr gorge, whose arches rise 200 meters above the Mzymta river. The length of the gorge is about 2.5 kilometers. It is part of the Akhtsu mountain range. On the slopes of the gorge you can see Jurassic limestones in which Mzymta washed her unusual route. Even from one description, the heart is already starting to freeze. But just imagine what kind of view a traveler opens up when he looks at all this from a bird’s flight, finding himself on the longest suspension bridge in Russia. Wow! OMG! Wow! Perhaps only interjections can describe this enthusiasm.


The history of Skypark began in 2001 with a trip to New Zealand. There were no plans then, but just at that moment there sprang a desire to build an adventure park at an altitude in Sochi.

Safety conditions
For AJ Hackett International, the security system always comes first, and we are constantly improving it. There are no risks at our sites.

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