Skypark Сочи

What is the main thing a traveler chooses for himself when thinking of another point on the map? Gorgeous locations and thrilling impressions are what we always strive for!

Beautiful panoramic scenes - are the gems of Skypark. The Caucasus Mountain Range, the Akhshtyr Gorge, the Mzymta River, the Black Sea, the Trout hatchery and Ship Rocks are just some of the thrilling views everyone can find on the bridge.

You will be mesmerized as you stand on the bridge overlooking the all beauties around Skypark. The park is located in the Akhshtyr gorge, whose walls rise 200 meters above the Mzymta river. The length of the gorge is about 2.5 kilometers. It is part of the Akhtsu mountain range. Jurassic limestones form the slopes of the gorge, where Mzymta's streams carved its odd looking route. The description itself makes the heart-stirring, just imagine what kind of view opens up to a traveler who can view all around from sky high bridge, which is the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in Russia. Wow! OMG! Wow! Perhaps only interjections are left to describe this adrenaline buzz.

There is another natural wonder in the Akhstyr Gorge – Ship Rocks. They named so because the cliff's outlines resemble ships docked to the harbor. According to legend, in ancient times, when there was an ocean instead of a gorge, a pier for ships was located here. The arches of the gorge are mainly karsts, containing several caves inside with one of the most famous one, Akhshtyrskaya, where the first settlements of an ancient man were discovered. 130 thousand years ago Neanderthal man lived there. And it should be noted that they knew a lot about beauty: the place closen by them is one of the most beautiful in Sochi.

Bright green colors in summer, yellow-red in spring and absolutely incredible winter landscapes – whatever season you choose to visit us, it is unique in its own way. Skypark is located within the Sochi National Park - here you can see the subtropical broad-leaved Colchian forest. From the height of the bridge you will see not only the beauty of the Akhshtyr Gorge, but also the sea landscape, no one can stay indifferent to. These striking memories are our gift to you.