Bungy 207
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Bungy 207

Jump on an elastic rope from a height of 207 meters.

Age limit: 16. Between 16 and 18, presence of a parents or an adult guardian is required.

Weight limit: from 48 to 127 kg.

Technical restrictions: the use of your own photo and video equipment is prohibited.

An entrance ticket to Skypark for the ride.

Bungy 207 is the tallest bungy in Russia!

Jump into the abyss and "emerge" a new person after seven seconds of free fall, drive, and adrenaline: it is all about Bungy 207, the highest bungy in Russia . Try this unique attraction, and enjoy incredibly strong emotions, it’s guaranteed!

Attention! To complete the registration and briefing procedure, please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled time. Please note that the exact flight time is determined on the spot by the operator and may be 15-25 minutes later.

Weather conditions may affect the flight conditions: there may be a change in the weight restrictions or a temporary break. To check the current weather conditions, call 8-800-100-4-207.

Bungy 207 is a jump on an elastic rope from a height of 207 meters. The platform is at the center of Skybridge. It offers a beautiful view of the Mzymta River valley, the Akhshtyr Gorge and the Black Sea coast. So, look around when preparing for the jump. After returning to the bridge, you will see it all with completely different eyes — the eyes of winners who have overcome their fears, space, and gravity!

About flight styles: the first jump is made in the classic style of facing forward. The second can be with the back forward. The third one can be with the running start up or in ‘elevator’ style, when you jump your feet down.

Especially recommended: for those who want to try something new or are in search of themselves, office workers mired in the daily routine, and everybody else.

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