Bungy 69
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Bungy 69

Jump on an elastic rope from 69m.

Age limit: 10. Between 10 and 18, presence of a parent or a guardian is required.

Weight limit: from 37 to 127 kg.

Technical restrictions: the use of your own photo and video equipment is prohibited.

To visit the attraction, please purchase an entrance ticket to Skypark.

If you want to experience absolute happiness from free fall or overcome your fears, we recommend to start conquer the height with Bungy 69! This is a freestyle bungy jump, where you can perform more than 10 types of jumps with an elastic rope.

Attention! To complete the registration and briefing procedure, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Please note that the exact flight time is determined on the spot by the operator and may be 15-25 minutes later.

Weather conditions may affect the flight conditions: there may be a change in the weight restrictions or a temporary break. To check the current weather conditions, call 8-800-100-4-207.

Before the flight, you will have a detailed briefing, and then you will get a branded T-shirt and an electronic certificate.

The platform for jumping is at the beginning of Skybridge. Its design allows performing more than 10 types of jumps with an elastic rope. Start with the classic "Long fly", try a back-to-front jump, and next time dive into the Akhshtyr Gorge with a running start. The "God" level skill is a back-and-forth flip.

The first jump is the classics, facing forward. It is called "Long fly". The second can be a backward jump (back flip). The third one can be with a running start or an 'elevator jump’. With each subsequent jump, the variation will increase: after 5-6 times, you can jump in tandem with a friend or do a somersault in air.

Level 1

Long fly (Swallow)





Level 2


Run-up jump (with a running start)




Level 3


Forward flip (Front flip)

Backward flip (Back flip)

Elevator between platforms

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