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Skybridge is the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in Russia!

There are no age or any other restrictions.

Walking along the 439-meter-long Skybridge is a walk that you will definitely remember!

The tourist hotspot in the Black Sea coast, Skypark Sochi, is 330 meters above sea level between Adler and Krasnaya Polyana. Since 2014, Skypark is a must-visit destination in Sochi.

Skypark is in the Sochi National Park. You can enjoy picturesque views of the Akhshtyr Gorge, the mountains, the sea, the magical Colchis forest, and the delicately shaped riverbed of the Mzymta River from one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

The ambitious bridge project was developed jointly with Russian and New Zealand architects. The design and survey took 3 years. The construction lasted 2 years. It took 740 tons of metal structures and 2000 cubic meters of concrete. Skybridge exceeds the requirements of all the safety standards: it is able to withstand a Richter magnitude 9 earthquake, hurricane wind, rain, snow, and icing at the same time.

The price of an adult entrance ticket is 1,500 ₽, for children 800 ₽, for families 3,800 ₽ (when purchased on the spot).

Discounted rates apply:

For students, pensioners, the disabled of the 2nd and 3rd groups, persons accompanying the disabled of the 1st group and disabled children, and for participants / veterans of military operations: 1,200 ₽

For children under six, people over 75, the disabled of the 1st group, disabled children and veterans of the Second World War: free admission.

To purchase a discounted ticket, please present the original confirming document to the ticket office staff.

10% discount for online tickets.

Attention! Online tickets can be sent to your e-mail within one hour after payment, so we recommend to buy in advance (before arrival).

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