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The cable-secured ropes of the sky bridge are 550 meters long.

There are no age or any other restrictions.

Walking along the 439-meter-long Skybridge Bridge is a walk that you will definitely remember!

But before you take your first step to the bridge, it is better to learn something about it. Skybridge is the longest suspension footbridge in Russia. Its length is 439 meters. It connects the two sides of the Akhshtyr Gorge. In order to cross it, you will need to take approximately 627 steps at a height of 207 meters. This will be one of the most memorable walks in your life. The emotions that you will experience in increasing order: delight, excitement, surprise, joy.

Passing over the bridge, you will enjoy panoramic views of extraordinary beauty. Before you open the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, Ship rocks, the Black Sea coast, Trout farming. Below is the Mzymta River. From these heights, even an experienced traveler can feel dizzy. On the other side of the bridge you can take a walk in the shade of a fabulous Colchis forest.

Now let’s talk about how Skybridge went from a plan on paper to erection. The bridge design was developed jointly with Russian and New Zealand architects. Design and research took 3 years. Construction lasted 2 years. During the construction of the bridge, 740 tons of metal structures and 2000 cubic meters of concrete were used. Skybridge is designed according to all quality standards with a large margin of safety: it can withstand a 9-point earthquake, gale-force wind, rain, and even snow and icing at once.

There are observation platforms on the bridge where you can admire the beauty of the Caucasian nature and watch the flights on high-altitude attractions. And after you visually enjoy the views, you may then go for a ride on the many attractions. Waiting for you are the BUNGY 69 m, BUNGY 207 m, Sky Swing, Megatroll, SochiSwing and Zipline. It doesn’t matter from what angle you will shoot on the bridge: we guarantee that photos and videos taken in our park will collect the maximum number of likes.

To walk across the Skybridge bridge you need to buy an entrance ticket to the park

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