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Восстановление доступа
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The flight speed on the Zipline is 50-60 km/h.

Age restriction:from 10 years. If you are between 10 and 18, then the personal presence of parents or adult guardians is required.

Weight Limit: 45 to 120 kg.

Zipline is the most accessible attraction in Skypark to overcome your fears. A breathtaking ride on a trolley over the Akhshtyr Gorge at a speed of 60 km/h is an opportunity to feel like a bird soaring in the sky. You fly 700 meters in a leap across the gorge at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level.

Attention! To complete the registration and briefing procedure, please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled time. Please note that the exact flight time is determined on the spot by the operator and may be 15-25 minutes later.

Weather conditions may affect the flight conditions: there may be a change in the weight restrictions or a temporary break. To check the current weather conditions, call 8-800-100-4-207.

To visit the attraction, you must purchase an entrance ticket to Skypark.

Enjoy flying like a bird!

This ride is a flight on three parallel cables. You go down on a trolley under the influence of gravity, so the speed will remain within 60 km/h. The flight distance is 700 meters.

Zipline was invented a long time ago. Similar devices, consisting of cables and blocks, appeared several centuries ago in the rainforests of Costa Rica, Australia, and China.

Zipline in Skypark is part of the ring route. Once you have crossed the bridge, it is not necessary to walk back. It is better to take Zipline and disembark at the bar of the panoramic KAURI restaurant.

Flying on a Zipline without free fall and high speed; it is a pleasure of enjoying the views. Just fly and feel like a movie hero.

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