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The flight at each attraction is unique, in each you get your own special emotions.

For those who are looking for experiences and decide to try different heights in Skypark, we came up with combo discounts.

Terms and conditions are as simple as possible:

  • Get the most out of your trip by trying several rides at Skypark, two or even all three rides from the list: Bungy 69, Bungy 207 and SochiSwing.
  • Bungy 207 + Bungy 69 - a discount of 4000 rubles
  • Bungy 207 + SochiSwing - discount 4500 rubles
  • Bungy 69 + SochiSwing - discount 3000 rubles
  • Bungy 69 + Bungy 207 + SochiSwing - a discount of 8,000 rubles
  • Tickets can be used both on the same day and on different days, having booked at any time convenient for you (at the same time, you need to purchase an entrance ticket on each day)
  • Combo discounts are individual, the package can be used by one person
  • Services are not subject to partial return or exchange
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