Skypark Сочи
Questions and answers
QUESTION 1 - What material is the bungy rope made of?

ANSWER: Bungy rope is simple in form, but complicated in design. It is made of hundreds of threads of latex rubber. Each of our bungy ropes is made by our special Bungy workshop, which is on each of our sites. This guarantees consistent, highest quality. The rope stretches 4 times from its own length during the jump!

QUESTION 2 - How is a bungy rope used?

ANSWER: There are ropes of 4 diameters. The selection of the rope specifically for you will be performed according to your weight. Everyone who is going to do bungee jumping is weighed first. Based on the weighing results, the most suitable rope is selected for him. Bungy workshop specialists can also raise or lower the Bungy rope and fasten it at a level corresponding to the jumper’s weight parameters. This allows them to determine the minimum distance that will be from ground level to a person at the lowest point of the jump with an accuracy of 50 cm. Isn’t this really impressive? This is especially striking when the jump is made from a height of 50 m or even 233 m

QUESTION 3 - Do I need to touch the water (for sites in Normandy and Cairns)?
ANSWER: No, it is not necessary to touch the water, but if you can reach, then the feeling is extraordinary. Just discuss this in advance with our jump masters when they ask you about your preferences.
QUESTION 4 - Can I jump in tandem with the instructor?
ANSWER: If we are not overloaded with business and can easily manage for a while with one instructor, then for clients who are not confident in their ability to make an independent jump, we often provide the opportunity to jump with someone from our team (with the exception of our attraction on Macau Bungee site).
QUESTION 5 - Do I need to book a Bungy jump in advance?
ANSWER: Mandatory. There are certain peak seasons throughout the year and peak hours during the day when all of our sessions are booked. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.
QUESTION 6 - Is it allowed to bring spectators? How many people can we invite?
ANSWER: Yes, of course! You can invite your friends and family to the site with you!
Myths and Facts
MYTH 1: My eyes or my retina will suffer if I make a bungy jump!

NOT TRUE! After all, this has never happened at any of our sites. The tension in your eyes at the time of the jump is exactly the same as at the time of sneezing!

Myth 2: A Bungy jump will hurt my back!

NOT TRUE! – Bungy jumping won’t hurt your back. In fact, due to the elasticity of the rope, the movement on the rope is very smooth. The rope stretches when you make the phase of falling down and up. It affects your back no more than mountain biking, skiing or jumping from a chair. It turns out to be a surprisingly smooth movement.

Myth 3 - AJ is an American!

NOT TRUE! AJ was born in New Zealand (he is one of the Kiwi bros, as the native New Zealanders are called in the local slang).

Myth 4 - Bungy jumping is not available for handicapped groups!

NOT TRUE! We can customize the rigging in a special way for jumping people who have ankles or knees that hurt. We can also provide wheelchair jumping services — and we do this regularly enough.