Wedding in Skypark
Skypark Сочи
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Wedding in Skypark

Wedding in Sochi? The best wedding is in Skypark!

Выездная церемония бракосочетания
Торжественный свадебный ужин
Фото и видео съемка
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A beautiful wedding is one of the most important events in life. You want to remember this happy day for a long time; that means it deserves a special place!

Our park is in the picturesque Akhshtyr Gorge with fantastic panoramic views of the Black Sea coast and the Caucasus Mountains. Therefore, a wedding in a Skypark is very beautiful and photogenic. Our striking and magical locations seem to have been created for wedding ceremonies.

Amphitheater in Skypark

This open-air platform is on the edge of the gorge and is ideal for solemn ceremonies of any scale. It can accommodate up to 400 people, but the chamber ceremonies also look great against the background of clouds.

The panoramic KAURI restaurant is in Skypark.

The Scandinavian and Alpine interior styles create an incredible atmosphere of warmth and comfort for your ceremony.

You can choose between two floors: a comfortable banquet hall with a seating area for 20 to 120 guests or a buffet for up to 400 people.

The restaurant offers the original Mediterranean cuisine with a slight emphasis on Asian dishes and Black Sea specialties, as well as cocktail sets. Even the most sophisticated gourmet cannot resist.

Our venue is famous for annual concert events and best music instruments. It will make your event memorable, especially with the aid of a team of professional decorators, and unforgettable fireworks. Skypark provides for the guests a lot of amazing entertainment for every taste: a dizzying walk on Skybridge is an adventure per se, and unique high-altitude rides will add even more positive emotions.

The newlyweds can celebrate their new status with a mind-blowing flight on SochiSwing, MegaTroll, or Zipline in their wedding outfits! Such a flight for free as a gift from us.

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