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Восстановление доступа
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This customer policy of SKYPARK Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as Skypark) applies to the purchase of tickets to visit the Skypark and rides in its territory by individuals and legal entities at: Russian Federation, Krasnodar Krai, Sochi, Adler district, Kazachy Brod, Krasnoflotskaya Street.

The Client can change the previously booked and paid time and date of the visit and rides only upon Skypark’s approval at the expense of the previously paid money, or with an additional payment, in case of changes in the prices of the visit and rides of Skypark in the new booking period.

Changing the number of visits and rides previously booked and paid for, as well as additional booking of other rides is possible upon Skypark’s approval and for an additional fee according to the Price List.

For the Clients, who have booked a visit to Skypark and rides in its territory, and made a payment on, a refund in case of inability to visit Skypark and its rides shall be made after deducting the costs incurred by Skypark for organizing the visit and the rides.

Services for visiting Skypark and its rides can also be provided to the Clients by the persons hired by Skypark.

Any objections to this policy can be submitted in writing to Skypark.

If the Client does not send any objections in writing before the scheduled (booked) time of visiting the Skypark rides, or if the Client activates the button ‘function of agreeing to Skypark Customer Policy’, the Client thus confirms their agreement with this Skypark Customer Policy.


This document describes the privacy policy and information processing of the SKYPARK Limited Liability (hereinafter referred to as Skypark), received when ordering, booking, paying, visiting Skypark, and its rides.

This document replaces all previous documents.

The information collected may be the personal data of individual visitors (hereinafter Clients) or specific data about companies referred to in this document as Information.

Skypark only collects the information necessary to provide the purchased services. This may include the information that is not directly necessary for the provision of the services, but is required to be able to contact the Client or to comply with the regulatory requirements.

Skypark also stores on its servers the information collected by its Clients for business purposes, referred to in this document as Client-owned information. The information belonging to the Clients is subject to the terms of the privacy policy and the processing of the client's information.


Skypark uses the information to provide services to its Clients.

Skypark also uses the information to notify its Clients about changes in services, technical failures, new products and services.

Skypark uses the information belonging to its Clients only to provide the services. The Client-owned information is used for the system accounting and communications generated by the system controlled by the Client. Other uses of Client-owned information are described in the Client Privacy and Information Processing Policy.

Skypark may be required by law to disclose information or Client-owned information after receiving a reasonable court order.


Skypark takes the protection of information and Client-owned information seriously. The information security policies and practices have been developed and implemented by qualified security professionals.

To comply with the best industry practices, we make every reasonable effort to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all the information (in electronic and in other formats) held by Skypark.


You have the right to expect that the information collected and stored by Skypark is accurate, up-to-date, and protected.

You have the right to expect that the information will not be disclosed to any third parties for marketing purposes.

You have the right to ‘opt out’ of receiving regular messages from Skypark that are not necessary for the provision of services. The Client-owned information can be accessed only after contacting the Client, in accordance with the privacy policy and the processing of the Client's information.

You have the right to prohibit Skypark from collecting and using your information leaving blank ‘Permission to use personal data’ box, in which case you will not be able to order, book and pay for services to visit Skypark and Skypark rides using this website.

If the Client does not send any objections in writing before the scheduled (booked) time of visiting Skypark and its rides, or if the Client activates the button ‘Agreement with Skypark Privacy Policy’, it will confirm the Client's consent to Skypark’s Privacy Policy.

Rules of conduct in Skypark

It is forbidden: to

-          throw anything from the bridge! Remember that even a small coin from such a height can cause great harm to the people below;

-          smoke in any place in the park and on the bridge;

-          carry glass bottles, large backpacks, quadrocopters, baby strollers, carts, bicycles, scooters, roller skates, etc.;

-          run and jump on the bridge, walk on the bridge on high-heeled shoes, under the influence of alcohol, or with pets;

-          wear a bikini, walk with a bare torso, in beach or smearing clothes;

-          bring professional video and photo equipment without prior approval from the marketing department

-          We strongly recommend that you keep an eye on your belongings: hats, glasses, cameras, photo devices, and phones may fall down due to inattention or because of wind.

-          Observe public order and be friendly to others!


If you need further information regarding our privacy policy and information processing, please call 88001004207.

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