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Rope Park

For the whole family!

Age limit: 7

Weight limit: up to 100 kg.

Height limit: 150 - 190 cm (with a stretched arm)

The last check-in for the route is at 16: 45.

A family day off? Feel free to come to Skypark! The first thing to do here is to walk along the routes of the Mowgli Rope Park.

The Mowgli Rope Park has seven different routes of various challenge level for the whole family. Here, adults will forget about work, and children about their smartphones! Experienced instructors show how to overcome obstacles properly, and teach to use special safety equipment in all the sections of the path. The routes feature unusual elements: from giant rope webs to the footprints of fairy-tale animals.

Attention! To visit the Mowgli Rope Park you need an entrance ticket to the park.

In winter, the Rope Park is open until 16: 45.

Spend the day with your family, colleagues, or friends, or play a match: which of you is the best Mowgli in the forest or Tarzan in the jungle? Remember the time when the trees were big!

You won’t be scared here: every obstacle is designed by professionals, repeatedly tested, and checked daily. In addition, the safety system is designed in such a way that, having fastened your seat belt at the beginning of the route, you remain on the safety rope until the very exit.

By the way, the park is located in the shade of a protected forest, so it’s comfortable even in hot weather.

For the youngest guests starting from three years old, there is Zero Level of the Mowgli Park. You do not need an instructor or a safety rope here.

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